“Happened To Be In Niagra Falls…”

Close Friends: Christopher Reeve and margot Kidder have become good friends since both shot to stard


Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve on set in Niagra Falls


SUPERMANIA is proud to present yet another contribution to the archive in the form of these rare stills rediscovered by Superfan Matt Derby.

Relaxing between takes on location at the magnificent Niagra Falls in Ontario, Canada for scenes shot by Richard Lester for Superman II are Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve, (top pic) and later before the cameras together in character for their assignment to expose a local ‘Honeymoon racket.’

Casually signing pictures for eager onlookers/fans while shooting scenes as Superman (bottom pic) Reeve returns to the same location later clad in shades and dressing gown (a common practice between takes on all the movies) in a rare behind the scenes moment during the shooting of the falls rescue…

More rare images for the Supermovies to come, stay tuned..!!


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