Celeb Parade…

Join SUPERMANIA in celebration of what would have been Christopher Reeve’s 62nd birthday with a look-back at this pulpy vintage one-shot tribute magazine dedicated to the star.

Responsible for similarly cheaply-printed fare as Star Blaster and Movie Monsters (littered with reprinted articles from both their crude pages) SJ Publications rushed this 100% unofficial edition to newsstands in the wake of Superman: The Movie’s success and the upcoming premiere of Superman II.

Leafing through the badly reproduced photographs and lowbrow contents (the article on Superman II’s storyline almost hilariously inaccurate) one cannot help a wave of nostalgia especially coming across a splash page (bottom) where the message seems particularly poignant.

Happy birthday, ‘Toph…


3 Replies to “Celeb Parade…”

  1. The way they are trying to popularize the shortened name “Chris Reeve” because saying Christopher takes up farrrrrrr too much time in the ’80s (!)

  2. Well Robert,
    I’d say the whole thing was an exercise in economy – I’m amazed its stood the test of time…

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