Super Spassvogel…

The Global selling of a Super-Sequel often yields some interesting slants on advertising besides providing some great imagery. Despite its status among critics and fans as where the ‘rot’ started to set in conceptually, Superman III remains a literal comic-book brought to life (made all the more watchable on Blu-Ray thanks to digital wire removal).

Shown above is the art for the three main Poster campaigns adapted for European promotion – From the top; Larry Salk’s US 1 sheet painting and Daniel Goozee’s art from the UK Quad both from German magazines, (see more of Goozee’s III Poster concepts here) poster art from an unknown artist (can anybody help identify?) from a French Movie mag that was also found on the Japanese program and UK Poster Magazine, and bottom, oversize Trade Ad from the UK…


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  1. Back in '83, My father bought me the original: one sheet of the third one for my bedroom when I was a 10. They just don't make'm as fun and energetic like that anymore. Theres just a certain spark of magic to some of those classic designs. That was certainly a great summer.

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