Metropolis Auto Yard Find…

This latest addition to my collection is a generous gift from fellow SuperFan Alexei Lambley-Steel who, after inquiring about a single prop was offered a large set of screenused items from Superman IV: The Quest For Peace!

Shown above is a genuine set-used/screen-used prop US car numberplate used throught production. The timing of this acquisition could not be better in view of the fact they are now clearly identifiable on the recently-released Blu-Ray disc (and not, unfortunately, from the DVD screengrabs above) proving the plate 774 LPS makes its first appearance on Lacy Warfield’s car as it pulls up outside the UN. It later adorns the front of a white sedan (far left in screengrab) whose roof is torn off during Nuclearman’s attack before finally being scorched by the car next to it as its engulfed in a fireball.

Constrained by budgetary restrictions, the same vehicles appear over and over on the Elstree Studios set, including a portion stripped of their engines and crushed by the battle with the first Nuclearman from the deleted scenes (bottom pic)…


3 Replies to “Metropolis Auto Yard Find…”

  1. the score on the 'lost' Nuclear Man I car fight is so awesome. i actually have it as the ringtone on my moblie. i love it so much that sometimes i let it ring and ring and forget to answer.

  2. Hi there –

    Thanks for your comment – I do hope you mean the Alexander Courage score rather than the plinky-ploink temp track from the scene itself, lol 🙂

  3. I really love that last still of Supes and Nuclearman 1. Very rare and iconic. I would love nothing more than to actually see a well-done Special Edition of IV one day. But alas, that's probally just a dream. Love those stiils though.

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