All ‘New’ Picture Card Series Cont’d…

Hot from the PC of Alexei Lambley-Steel come these ‘Portrait’ test shots for our evolving mock vintage Superman IV trading Card set.

These prototypes represent the last of the try-outs before we begin the set proper. Alexei informs me the only amendment will be the typeface which will be even closer to the ‘real’ thing on the finished cards.  My contribution (besides the images) is to produce the titles and copy for the cardbacks – there will be a title card, possibly a checklist and maybe even a sticker set to round it off in true retro style.

Enjoy and check back for updates and a preview of the finished set…!


5 Replies to “All ‘New’ Picture Card Series Cont’d…”

  1. awesome. maybe you could do like an 'easter egg' card for Superman V (i.e. Reeve in an unseen off set pic from IV or from another movie in the late 80s early 90s)

  2. Hi there –

    I was very tempted to throw in preview card for V (using the Cannon Pre-production announcement) but its not likely until we at least finish this set…

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