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SUPERMANIA extends many happy returns to director Sidney J. Furie on this, his 82nd birthday and marks the occasion with this super-rare vintage proof sheet for his movie Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.

A beautiful oversize colour lithograph intended for print in Daily Variety in 1987 (second pic), this double-page ad puts Daniel Goozee’s striking poster art to great use (third pic) while delivering the great news that the movie had grossed a very respectable $5,683,122 domestically in its first three days (bottom pic).

While this great opening (across 1511 theatres) would ultimately falter in the proceeding weeks, this unique treasure is a fitting tribute to what many consider to be the most well intended of the Superman series, even if it wasn’t the best executed.

Many happy returns Sidney J!


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  1. This film was an absolute disaster in every way. I remember Reeve apologizing for this poor film that actually hurt his career. The only good thing about this film was seeing Reeve back in the costume once again. And that didn’t look right s well. I remember feeling sick when I learned that Cannon had bought the rights to the films. Automatic Disaster…..Case Closed. I also recall reading that Furie has divorced himself over the years from any association with the film. I think that pretty much says all you have to know about Superman 4. I love Chris Reeve….He was the best to play the part, and will ALWAYS be Superman to me. God Bless you Chris!

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