At The Abyss…





Enjoy this vintage German promotional material for the international release of Superman IV: Die Welt Am Abgrund’, (Interestingly translated as ‘The World At The Abyss’) where the copy goes to considerable effort to make the movie sound like the greatest thing to ever grace the silver screen.

Featuring the ‘unique’ German cut & paste poster art, the tiny Cinenews Program from March 1988 (top pic) proudly declares this is ‘Superman’s last chance’ in ‘The huge battle with over 300 optical effects’ before opening up to a nicely composed spread of publicity photos (second pic) where the accompanying review labels it ‘As strong as Kryptonite’.

Exhibiting far more restraint is the large pull-out poster (third pic) from an unknown magazine produced in association with the movie’s broadcast on German TV channel Sat 1, where it was presented as the cult movie of the week…


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