More never before seen behind the scenes images from the SUPERMANIA collection on location with Superman IV: The Quest For Peace – 

The decision to shoot the entirety of the fourth instalment in the Super series in the UK was especially convenient for star Christopher Reeve, who was living in fashionable Chelsea at the time.  Having struck a two-picture deal with Cannon Films, Reeve was fulfilling his contractual obligation with Superman before he could work on a more personal project, Street Smart.

As Reeve’s family was also based in England the star had them along on the shoot (bottom pic with Matthew, Alexandra and Mother Gae) and as second unit director, managed to get both of his children in the Tornado rescue scene.

Also on-set was Special Effects supremo John Evans, (third pic down, right with blue sweater and moustache) who would go on to create ‘those wonderful toys’ seen in Warner Bros. Batman feature only three years later…


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