WHV Vs. Evergreen…





Further pristine examples from the SUPERMANIA collection with a Laserdisc double-dip for Richard Lester’s Superman II. 

Both these Japanese imports boast the customary fabulous artwork on the covers & gatefold although quite why there should be two separate releases (one under the ‘Ever Green’ banner) escapes me.  Anybody versed in Laserdisc history should feel free to leave a comment…


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  1. Hi,
    I am a Laserdisc collector, but never quite understood what is important about the “WHV” & “Ever Green” labels/editions. I got started on collecting Laserdiscs (approx. 2007) after they were discontinued. If you could please explain to me the significance of the “WHV” & “Ever Green” labels/editions. Also, is there a complete list available that has all the “WHV” & “Ever Green” laserdisc titles. Thanks, Joe

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