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Enjoy this first in a series of posts dedicated to showcasing the various incarnations of the Superman Motion Picture series on Laserdisc.  I was lucky enough to recently acquire a complete set of rare Japanese releases to compliment my small collection of US/UK equivalents –

Naturally the Japanese versions (top three pics) reign supreme design-wise with their customary attention to detail and producing pin sharp imagery for their packaging.  Featuring a striking front/back cover and gatefold full of black & white publicity shots, the two-disc set is parallel in quality to the original Superman: The Movie soundtrack album. Languishing behind is the US version (bottom pic) with second-rate graphics and afterthought presentation with two discs crammed tightly into one sleeve.

I wish I could offer some insight into the picture/sound quality of the discs themselves but as Laserdisc was a format I managed to bypass completely back in the day I lack the equipment to play them, although I’ve heard it said many times their quality trampled VHS.  Nevertheless as collectables these pieces feature some rare imagery and are among some of the nicest I own – look out for the sequels in posts to come..!


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  1. At least both releases were in widescreen. I never owned a Laserdisc player, so I can’t truly judge which one is better.

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