Lois Uncovered…

SUPERMANIA extends its best wishes to you & yours this Christmas and by way of present I offer select pages of this rare article featuring our favourite Lois Lane, Margot Kidder.

Interviewed by Fred Robbins for the January 1980 issue of High Society magazine, Ms. Kidder’s featured portfolio and candid views on relationships are probably best left to another website(!) – meantime enjoy Margot ‘stripping the pants off Truth, Justice & The American Way’ with this pictorial containing stills from Superman: The Movie


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  1. Thanks for the pages. I saw scans on another sites, but they show mostly images of Ms. Kidder in Playboy and screen captures of her scenes in “The reincarnation of Peter Proud”. Hope that you can get her full pictorial on the January 1980 issue of Partners Magazine. As I said before, maybe Margot Kidder wasn’t a typical beauty, but way back in the 70’s there was something about her. For example just look the way she looked in “The Amythiville Horror”, “Superman II The Donner Cut” and “Willie and Phill”. After all their health and drug issues, she looked older than she really was.,

  2. Hi there –

    Thanks for your comments!
    I agree 100% Margot was an offbeat sensation back in the day – so sad the change in her appearance was pronounced by Lester’s II though her performance was solid. As I mentioned the interview content isn’t really suitable for this site as its unashamedly sordid but its easy to discern Ms. Kidder was quite the free spirit.
    When I met her at a convention she had come out the other side of her troubles and was easily the sweetest, most enthused lady I’d ever met, more than comfortable in her own skin and generous to fans – I’ll never forget it and wish her nothing but the best – she will always be my Lois Lane…!

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