The exclusive behind the scenes images from the SUPERMANIA collection continue – this time from the Kent Farm set faithfully recreated in the village of Baldock in Hertfordshire, England.

From the top – Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent observing the preparation of the air cannon to fire the baseball, (a similar technique was used for the football in the Smallville scenes of Superman: The Movie) the crew gathering round to rehearse the scene, (notice Reeve still brandishing the bat in the centre) Director Sidney J. Furie conferring with Reeve (far Left) by the remains of the Kent Farm, and Reeve stood next to his double for the walk up the dusty trail for Clark’s opening shot as Furie is presented with the storyboard…


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  1. Hi there –

    Thanks for commenting!
    Yes, after all these years its amazing how these things surface. These pics were part of a larger set as I mentioned that had been broken up to sell as individual lots. So lucky my 11th hour offer for the set was accepted otherwise chances are these amazing images would never have been published.
    I’m glad you like them 🙂

  2. Any remains or anything to see in Baldock, relative to the film of course.
    I’m sure it has plenty to see in its own right, ha.

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