‘The Collection’ Pt. 2…

Following on from this post celebrating the release of one of the first-ever VHS ‘boxsets’, by Warner Bros – shown above are scans of the original cover sleeves of the ‘Superheroes’ collection.

Note the picture error on the Superman II artwork and the quaint yellow boot-tops in the Superman illustration used throughout the set (artist unknown) and the overbearing Weintraub logo (preventing the set from looking uniform) across the bottom of Superman III.

Also released in the Superheroes line but absent from the boxset was 1984’s Supergirl, a trend that would continue throughout subsequent formats to this day…


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  1. “Note the picture error on the Superman II artwork”…. Yes, an image from Superman III was used. But you forgot the glaring error on the STM cover — an image from Superman II !!!!

  2. And I just noticed, too — the Phantom Zone is mistaken for a fragment of Kryptonite on the SII back cover! Did the writer bother to watch the film?

  3. Hi David –

    Lol, thanks for your observations – indeed they are spot-on and indicative of what an afterthought artwork for this type of release was back in the day. Looking at the blu-ray set little seems to have changed!

    One more note is that the Superman illustration has been identified as a re-inked Jose Garcia Lopez drawing – doubt he would’ve been impressed with the yellow boot-tops either…

    1. I wish I could find the elusive alternative Superman II poster that I only ever saw once printed in B&W in an Australian newspaper. It featured the back of Superman’s head and his cape down to the yellow S, arms stretched, and he was speeding toward the Kryptonian trio, who were flying toward him. I had a copy and sent it to Dharmesh but it’s never seen the light of day anywhere.

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