Nuclear Reaction…

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the US release of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace this month in Theatres, I present this archival feature from UK Sci-Fi magazine Starburst #110 with insights from Nuclearman himself, Mark Pillow.

Of particular note is the Superman IV prop exhibition attended by both Mark and leading lady Margot Kidder in London’s Hamleys toy store where the interview was conducted on 22nd July 1987, some two days before the UK premiere. Note Mark’s portrait against what looks like a model of the Soviet Satellite from the opening sequence of the movie –

SUPERMANIA is looking for any more pictures and info from this event – did you attend all those years ago during its seven-week run?  I’d love to hear from you…!


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  1. Dear Supermania,
    In July or August 1987 on a trip to London, I went with my father to Hamleys. The top floor had been given over to a Superman IV exhibit. My father took me up there where on display were many of the models and miniatures used for the film Superman IV. The models and miniatures I remember was the Italian town with lava for the Vesuvius scene, some miniatures of Metropolis at night (I remember thinking that the the buildings lacked detail as there were next to no curtains on each window and with most of them you could see the light bulbs inside) along with a parade of Russian vehicles for the Red Square scene. I am not sure if there was any model of the Great Wall of China or anything else.
    The other thing I remember was one had to pay to see the exhibit but on the TV screens at the entrance, Susannah York explained that all money from that exhibit went to a specific charity.
    Hope it is helpful and maybe think of contacting Hamleys they might have something in their archives.
    James Murchison

  2. Hello James –

    Thanks so much for all this great info here – your recollections were a pleasure to read and I really envy your experiences!!
    I only wish there was a set of pics to illustrate what you outline here but thanks to your description we are that much closer to reliving the exhibition for ourselves so this was more than helpful..!!

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