Free Inside..!

Issued to coincide with the release of Superman II in 1980, this exclusive set of letraset transfer sheets were dropped one at a time into packs of Nabisco Shreddies breakfast cereal.  Intended for use with various cityscape ‘action scenes’ printed on the backs of the boxes, kids were free to create their own archaic version of the Metropolis battle.

Though amusingly primitive by today’s standards, the ‘rub down transfer’ craze would be huge in its day with a plethora of science-fiction/action movie/military/TV show offerings in sets featuring numerous figures and backdrop options.  Denied a set in its own right, the Superman series was represented only by the promo as shown above and consequently complete sets are scarce.  Should this bring on an irresistible wave of nostalgia I recommend visiting for a comprehensive list…


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  1. i remember these! am pretty sure i had the night time ‘Times Sq’ cityscape background with what must’ve been the second sheet above where you could transfer Lois looking out the window and zod getting thrown into the big Coca Cola sign..

    think there might have been 3 backdrops – dunno what the rest were – FOS? smalltown backdrop? (looks to be with some of the soldiers on there) maybe another cityscape?

    looked at that site and remembered i had the Superman and Batman ones – crazy that i only remembered upon seeing them. thanks

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