What A Scoop!

The Propstore Of London has struck again with another fine piece of cinematic history, this time from the opening scene of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut where Lois Lane seeks to prove Superman’s identity by way of a sketch.

The above is one of the few ‘clean’ versions of this prop as Margot Kidder would be required to draw her Clark Kent over Superman’s picture with marker take after take (as shown in the contact sheet supplied!).  Its a little known fact that the Daily Planet newspaper mockups were headlines & pics assembled around real news stories of the time/gibberish and that only the covers (and inserts when required) were produced wrapped around the London Evening Standard for filler.

Due to the obvious fragility of these pieces they are steadily becoming more scarce.  I had the opportunity to purchase one of the above years ago (at a fraction of the price its commanding now) but because I didn’t recognise it from any of the films I passed – Imagine the head-slapping moment when the Donner Cut finally emerged and the prop gets the most amount of screen time in the series…


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