Standen The Stand-In…


My sincere thanks to SuperFans Sebastian Columbo, Alexei Lambley-Steel and Seby Ravi for their assistance in solving the identity of the man standing with Christopher Reeve in the top image.

Amazingly, some 25 years later, actor/entertainer Donald Standen is still making public appearances as The Man Of Steel having been elected as Reeve’s personal choice of on-set double (as highlighted in the production used call sheet from the Metro Club scene, second pic) for Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. A familiar face on British TV thanks to his appearances in numerous commercials, (including the Superman themed one for Specsavers posted above) Donald is the face of Action Hero Events where he can be booked to appear in character for themed evenings, predominantly as his other persona, James Bond.

SUPERMANIA wishes Don all the best in his endeavours and is pleased to see him keeping the spirit alive…


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  1. Thank you for finding our information about Donald Standen and mentioning him on your website. He is indeed still working as an international actor in Film/TV/Commercials, and as a lookalike through our own joint events company Action Hero Events. I also manage Mr Standen for his acting career. We hope people enjoy looking at these photos and links. They can contact me through our company if they are interested in booking him. All the best. Collette Bishop.

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