A Most Significant Collection…?

Auction House
Profiles in History
Chosen to sell the fabled
Dreier Hollywood/Pop Culture Memorabilia
Collection this summer…

Profiles in History have been selected to handle the sale of the celebrated Dreier Collection. Due to the size, scope and significance of the Dreier Collection, it will take nearly two years and several auctions to offer all of the material. The first installment of the Dreier Collection will be sold in July 2012.

Some of the highlights of this historic collection include:

The most significant Christopher Reeve “Superman” collection in private hands
Michael Jackson’s signature leather costume from his “Bad” tour
The most important Willy Wonka collection extant
Will Ferrell’s “Ron Burgundy” costume from Anchorman & others from Blades of Glory & Talladega Nights
Signature costumes and props from such legendary films and TV shows as Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, X-Men, Batman and Austin Powers.

According to Joe Maddalena, CEO and President of Profiles in History, the importance of the Dreier Collection cannot be overstated. “This is a monumental offering, and it is a collection that commands every adjective you can think of – impeccable, amazing, phenomenal, diverse, top quality. Even the most seasoned collector will be blown away by the collection’s depth, breadth and level of importance”.

“Our family has been honored to house these treasures over the last 15 years, and now it is time to share them with the hobby,” said father and son collectors, Chad and Doug Dreier. “Joe Maddalena and the crew at Profiles In History were clearly the right choice to help us with the collection”.

As vendors for the archive of producer Ilya Salkind in 2007 – The team at Profiles In History have considerable experience with original and genuine artefacts from the Superman series. Though the Dreier collection is a revelation to me (despite its legendary status attributed here) I eagerly anticipate the level of significance of the Superman collection boasted. If you are thinking of investing in what will no doubt be some expensive lots – may I firstly recommend some research on Jason DeBord’s incomparable Original Prop Blog followed by a revision on my exhaustive article on Superman costumes.

Stay tuned for further updates as information becomes available…


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