“Thousands Of Hours To Create…”

Another SUPERMANIA exclusive – This gargantuan rendering of Honest Abe is a piece of the long-thought lost or destroyed prop of Mount Rushmore from Richard Lester’s Superman II.

Miraculously salvaged from Pinewood Studios upon completion of filming, the face still exhibits the pre-cut chunks for the shattering to occur when The Phantom Zone Villains give it the heat-vision treatment for replacement with their own portraits.

Now preserved in a private collection, these rare photographs are proof the miniature survived not only its onscreen demise but the wrath of the studio skip and maintain its rightful place in film history.  My sincere thanks to Author and SuperFan Steve Cambden for granting permission to scan these pics from his archive…


4 Replies to ““Thousands Of Hours To Create…””

  1. I'm glad this was rescued from the trash. It's great. Today, the whole sequence would be CGI with no props to rescue.

  2. This piece still exists. I know, because it’s in my living room! I bought it years ago from a prop dealer in London.

    1. Hey Trenton –
      Great to hear from you with such awesome news!!
      Would be obliged if you can stake some up to date pics I can share on here so fans know this piece is in good hands!
      Feel free to email me at martin-el@supermania78.com

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