“He’s Two Foot One, Y’Know That…?!”

Yet another hot-off-the-press SUPERMANIA exclusive – while the images above at first glance would arguably pass as an authentic, full size Christopher Reeve costume, what you are seeing in fact is the development and fitting stages of an outfit for a premiere ONE THIRD scale statue. (click on pics for larger images).

Standing at an incredible 25 inches when finished, (note the the fingers in the 3rd pic down for scale) this latest of sculptures by US SuperArtist Bob Causey is a variation of his 1:1 project and will be produced in a very limited run.

Among the lucky recipients of these will be SuperFan Chris King, who has served as consultant for many Superman model projects (including mine) and has commissioned this costume to be constructed in miniature using exactly the same techniques as the full-size counterpart. (including the S/shield painstakingly drafted by Sebastian Columbo and sewn into, not onto the tunic!) Stay tuned for more updates as this impressive project develops…


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  1. dude check out the latest on the Superman cinema boards – ive a feeling you gonna be pretty wowed (i got to visit that place someday!)

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