“You Will Travel Far…”

Another SUPERMANIA exclusive courtesy of SuperFan Chris King – Presenting the long-thought lost or destroyed ORIGINAL Baby Kal-El Starship prop!

Only recently discovered in storage at the site of The London Film Museum, this artefact was sat waiting to be identified for the purposes of exhibition until spotted and confirmed to be from Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie by veteran K-9 Operator and author Steve Cambden on a tour of the facility.  It has been on public display ever since for all to enjoy…


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  1. Oh my god! I am so thrilled at this find! I recently found the crash location..and now the ship turns up!!

    Now we just need the truck!


  2. Thanks for the notices, guys –

    I had been waiting for the LFM to confirm this was on display for some time before Chris' pics confirmed it. Its perfectly plausible it spent time at MOMI before moving but they obviously forgot to include the vehicle's logbook…!!!
    Anyway, its such a pleasure to host these pics and confirm the prop still exists. I do intend to go down there myself for more shots and will report my findings here…

  3. "Now we just need the truck!"
    Last summer there was a video of the "Kent Farm"; the farm that was used as a filming location in Blackie Alberta for STM . .. . Believe it or not but the truck was still in the barn!!! – It sure appeared to be the truck anyway! My buddy checked out the place after I sent him the video cuz he lives not too far . . but he did not go in to the barn. He did rake this awesome picture of the farmyard though!
    Kent Farm.

  4. Wow great find!

    Hey does anyone have any info on what happened to these 2 props?

    -The Daily Planet building prop at the opening credits.When first saw this at a kid it blew me away! It literally jumped out of the comic book pages.

    -The Kryton city. It looks like an enormous prop but if given to me, I would move around some furniture to keep it in my living room!

    Any info would be much appreciated and give my curiosity a much needed break.


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