Mike Hill’s Man Of Wax Mk.II…

Internationally renowned British artist/sculptor Mike Hill has apparently unveiled his newest Christopher Reeve as Superman 1:1 portrait entitled ‘A Friend’.

Finished in silicone with punched hair, the figure is clad in an accurate uniform from Action Costumes. At this time it is unknown if this figure is a private commission or intended for public display…


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  1. I can tell that this bust is made from an original Reeve casting mask, but with some changes in the expresion of the mouse, that is way the eyes and noise looks so accurate and the smile are not so good as the rest, but it look amazing, the best I see yet.

  2. Thanks for your comments –

    I can't say if there was a lifecast involved in this creation but the finish is of the highest standard. I know for a fact the artist does not much appreciate criticism so have little else to add…

  3. I will add that it's remarkable a man sat down and made this with his hands. I have only respect and admiration.

  4. Hello Martin..long time no speak.Nice site!

    No artist likes critism for critisms sake.Why not just enjoy another fans admiration.The figure is done so its a mute point.As an artist its sad to show off a figure then have folks nitpick…making you second guess ..I just want the right to not have to do that. I want to enjoy my weeks of work is all.

    Mr S..I can assure you no lifecast was involved.The lifecast that exists is very undersized and doesnt look a whole lot like Reeve(there was a cooler one that Freeborn had).Just compare the pics of Martins statue to the lifecast pictured next to it…Martins looks waaay more like Reeve.

    As far as your points regarding the smile.It seems eveyone assumes Reeve's sidesmile he used in a lot of publicity shots is what my piece is being compared to. Thats not the case.
    I wanted him to have supressed smile,like hes hiding something and thats the reaction the figure gets in person. It happens briefly in some some scenes ,I had to refer to other movies for the look I was going for. Also the lifemask doesnt have eyes,it looks as if they were crudely sculpted open…so again your assumption doesnt make any sense.

    Keep up the great work on the site Martin.

  5. Hi Mike –

    How great to have the man himself comment on the piece! Even better to confirm there was no lifecast involved due to the points you mention (though surely the association is flattering!) and this was a wholeheartedly original sculpt. I look forward to seeing more of this figure and any insights you could offer in future…
    And yes! Long time mate – Glad to see you're still doing very well…

  6. Wow……….awesome work Mr. Hill…..
    Reeve has come to life again as Superman!
    Yankee from NYC

  7. "It's too good to be true! He's 6-4, has black hair, blue eyes, doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and tells the truth! " Amazing job !! Well done 🙂

    Steph , from France

  8. The smile is perfect to me, as the rest of what can be seen, I am so keen to see the entire figure. I can only imagine how good it looks in the flesh

  9. I saw this sculpture in person, it’s simply breath-taking. I stood in front of this sculpture and attempted to find its focal point, once I found it I really did get the sense Chris Reeve was looking back at me. It was a palpable sensation. Kudos for an amazing job.

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