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Now that the Superman Motion Picture Anthology On Blu-Ray details have been released it seems more than appropriate to revisit the hitherto definitive version on DVD –

Elegantly presented in its unique ‘Steel’ tin, The Limited Ultimate Collectors Edition was an impressive 14 disc set that for once, really lived up to its name. Region 2 was offered similarly, although spared the comic-book and (mercifully) the 14th disc of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns journals.

Enclosed in a fantastic lenticular slipcase (with art by Jim Bowers and Ramon Casares) the remaining packaging nonetheless exhibited a higher percentage of stills & art from Superman Returns than was really warranted. Content-wise was nothing short of a dream come true for SuperFans with the inclusion of the never-before-seen reworking of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, brand-new documentary You Will Believe, The Cinematic Saga Of Superman, all the extras from the previous release and notably, finally, the presentation of the deleted scenes from Superman IV; The Quest For Peace. While the excitement of seeing the supposedly ‘lost footage’ was paralleled only by its awfulness, The Donner Cut was sprinkled with moments of pure magic and inspiration not felt since 1978.

Not only was it a great time to be a Superman fan but for SUPERMANIA, it represented the end of a very long journey peppered with campaigns and the ceaseless badgering of Warner Bros. by fellow SuperFans to get these Movies the love and attention they truly deserved. Will there ever be an official 100% complete set of all Superman material in the future? Who knows?  All I do know is while its out there, you’ll believe the dedication of the SuperFan will endeavour to bring it to you.

From the top; Original stills of the set and Bottom; Promo from…


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  1. it annoys me that the Krypton opening to SR will only be avaiable on Blu Ray. i have absolutly no intention of going Blu (recently bought an upscaler dvd player plus the thought of replacing all the dvds i got over the years is too horrible to even contemplate). would it have killed them to release the original opening in the 2006 SR dvd in the first place?! the 13 disc mega set cost me about 70 quid! Blu Ray is really starting to piss me off!

    anyway that aside the 13/14 disc set (although annoying the 14th disc was left out for R2 as well as the poster offer!) was amazing. it was also quite fitting SR was included as although it was thought at the time it would spawn sequels, since it hasnt (and since its more of a homage/tribute film to the Donner movies) its quite apt its in there as a kind of bookend to the Reeve films (although it in no way replaces 3 as 'the new Superman III' in my mind as some chose to do)….completly seperate to the the new series which kicks off next year

  2. Hi there –

    Thanks for your comments…!
    I'm often asked about my opinion of 'Superman Returns'and although I don't outright condemn it I can't say I'm a real fan either. There are aspects of it I enjoy but ultimately, for something intended to emulate the whimsy and colourful style of the Donner films its a bizarrely muted and ponderous affair.
    With the announcement of the Snyder picture now Returns has become somewhat redundant and I think that may have forced WB to squeeze the last out of it by adding the 'Return to Krypton' sequence (Its omission in the first place was utterly bewildering!!!) to push a set whose contents are 95% already published as you rightly point out.
    I was of the same mind regarding Blu-Ray insofar as I thought it excessive compared to DVD and vowed not to be taken in and have to re-buy my entire collection but a friend introduced me to 'Predator' on Blu-Ray and the difference was marked. Even though I was determined not to like it I have to tell you it was a revelation.
    If the Superman Movies get the treatment WB are claiming they have then this set may well be the defining versions to end all others.
    We shall see.

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