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To honour of the passion and efforts of SuperFans to bring you material otherwise unseen, shown above are what I consider to be the most defining works –

‘Fan edits’ are a relatively new concept where software exists to simply re-edit a favourite movie to your taste & specifications. Due to their personal vision they are at best hit & miss and found more often than not clogging up torrent sites. Very occasionally, however, some projects not only revolutionise and rejuvenate certain properties but can generate such enthusiasm and buzz that major studios themselves respond and capitalise on them. The best example of this is the Superman II: Restored International Cut (RIC) that I credit with no less than being the catalyst for WB to invest in the abandoned Richard Donner Cut Of Superman II.

From the top; selection of unofficial DVD’s starting with the longest existing cut (often referred to as the KCOP cut) of Superman; The Movie, Superman II, The RIC and fan edit Superman Redeemed – a bizarre fusion of Superman III and IV in an experiment to make one cohesive picture…


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  1. I have been trying to get Superman Redeemed but have been unsuccessful at downloading it. Can you point me in the right direction?

  2. Hi there –

    Thanks for your inquiry…
    This is where being known as a Super-nut is useful as fellow fans have traditionally furnished me with copies, so I've never downloaded anything and wouldn't even know where to start. Maybe a link could be provided here by another fan…?

  3. Warner Bros. recently found a picture master of the TV Cut of “Superman: The Movie” and released it on Blu-Ray. The “KCOP Cut” is now officially available directly from the studio. No idea about the other TV Cuts aside from “Superman II.” That had to have been the source for the deleted scenes from the Donner Cut.

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