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This newest acquisition of genuine set-used crew-wear is notable for the fact it once belonged to somebody working on the ‘Flying Unit’ and would have been present during most if not all stunt/ flying scenes of Superman IV.

One suspects this blue satin Bomber jacket would have been most useful during the chilly November nights at Elstree Studios in 1986/7 and as the pictures demonstrate, it survived in pristine condition to this day and is a treasured addition to the collection..!


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  1. I was working at Elstree studios when Superman IV was being shot and also have a Stunt team jacket. These jackets were not actually used on set by the stunt team but I remember one of the filmcrew showing up one morning with his jacket in tatters as it had been ripped off of him by a jealous punter in a pub because of the guy’s connection to the film. It was a memorable time for me having got CR and MK’s autographs and also being asked by the director to hold the door to keep people out while they were shooting the lift scene where Nuclearman breathes a bolt of fire at Superman by the lift, in fact CR was looking in my direction when he gave that piercing look, and I’ll tell you, It was quite frightening.

  2. Hi Ron –

    Thanks a million for that great little story!!
    Please get in touch, I’d love to interview you for the site about your experiences on-set!

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