1952 – 2004…

Today marks would have been Christopher Reeve’s 58th birthday.

I’m often asked how I feel about his passing and his influence on me, and rather than acknowledge the most bittersweet of tragedies I have an overwhelming sense of pride – If only the rest of us could forge such a lasting legacy twice over, first making us believe a man could fly and second making us believe a man could overcome.

Pictured above is an article written by me for UK Collectors magazine TV & Film Memorabilia published in 2005 detailing Reeve’s life and career with an emphasis on collectables produced during his tenure. The fact that an influx of new items bearing his likeness now and to come is a fitting testimony to Reeve’s place in our collective consciousness as the definitive Superman


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  1. Thanks for your comments and link –

    Excellent bio that illustrates my point perfectly – Reeve did so much in a relatively short life…

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