“I Found…This Crystal…”

Easily the most recognisable and iconic prop from the movie series – Star Wars designer John Barry’s conception that Krypton was a world forged from Crystalline would also be utilised as the basis of their technology.

A staple of the comic mythos today, the knowledge crystals (now named Sunstone Crystals) and the use of symbols to denote Kryptonian clans were nonetheless elements introduced by the movies.

Replicas of Jor-El’s gift to his son have been prevalent for some years in the form of resin castings. These, while adequate, are traditionally not based upon actual props but a generic close-enough design and often identifiable by rough and/or bubble-filled casting.  The replica above has been cast in a very limited run in REAL crystal and is a direct copy of the prop used by Christopher Reeve in his scenes from Superman II…


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  1. Thank you!

    My reccommendation is to check out the RPF (replica prop forum – follow the link on this page)
    There is a new run of crystals – NOT the same as this, but by the same maker and equally excellent…

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