Exhibitor Campaigns…

In an age long before the introduction of the digital press pack, these campaign pamphlets would be distributed to Cinemas in advance of release.

Containing the Movie synopsis, cast info, competitions and ad. slicks of varying size – they would also be the source of ordering posters and 10×8 photographs. Increasingly scarce due to their fragility and the fact they were usually disposed of after use – this complete set, however, survives to this day in excellent condition…


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  1. wow never seen these before and i thought id seen everything magazine etc related to do with the Reeve films…are these printed on 'newspaper' type quality paper? or are they similar to the glossy programs? how many pages are they? is it possible to print some scans of the interiors?

  2. Hi there –
    Thanks for your comments.
    These are glossy magazine-style leaflets of approx. 10 pages. They contain poster art in various sizes to be cut-out for reproduction and star profiles, etc.
    I'll post some of the interiors in future as well as more rare magazines…!

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