In response to an ad from the pages of Toyfare magazine and back when action figure customs were in their infancy – The above item was borne out of frustration at the lack of an official Superman action figure line. The Andgor Toy Co’s pledge that they could customise any figure you could think of was too good an opportunity to miss (or so I thought) so I hurriedly commissioned one based on Christopher Reeve (requesting the likeness from the Superman IV poster but incorporating the kiss-curl).

Over a year later and after hundreds of ignored emails requesting progress reports, the above is what I finally received. I recall it was very expensive for something I thought barely passable at the time but sufficed until Kris Meadows version erased all memory of it.  Although the headsculpt shown here would be available on their website for years afterward,  it would appear I wasn’t the only unsatisfied customer as Andgor’s name would be met with derision in the collecting community and would eventually disappear altogether…


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  1. Oh dear. I bet you paid a lot of money for this. A Thunderbirds puppet with a camel toe.
    Hopefully you've seen the new Hot Toys figure. It shows how much things have come on in recent years.
    I've enjoyed browsing your site. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your comment – I agree 100%!!

    The whole project was a disaster and then when I finally recieved it It reminded me of a Thunderbirds version of Richard Hatch.

    Things have indeed, thankfully, come a long way since…

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