Pinewood Fine Dining…

“Lunchtimes at the studio saw other regulars too – one being Christopher Reeve who’d walk in for his meal in full Superman costume.  He was so polite and would almost always stop at the tables he passed to say hello to fellow diners.  many a waitress swooned after him…”

Roger Moore – Last Man Standing

Pinewood Studios, England, 1977.  The two fresh-faced young leads from Superman: The Movie take their seats in the canteen during a break from filming.  At the height of his fitness regime for the part, Christopher Reeve would eat over four meals a day.  Reeve is also pictured here wearing his custom ‘Stunts Inc’ jacket given to him by Vic Armstrong which he would wear throughout production…


‘Quick Change..!’

Produced in low numbers and expensive (even at the time of release) this incredibly rare, unlicensed statue by sculptor Lee Ames is notable for being the first ‘Garage Kit’ based on the Superman Movies with the likeness of Christopher Reeve (In a pose from Superman II) ever released.

Made by 5th Sense in the early 1990’s and available exclusively through Frontier Models, In typical ‘Garage’ style, the four part kit (Body, leg, hat and base) in ivory resin came in a plain brown box with label featuring colour picture which doubled as a build guide.

The dynamic pose made the statue top-heavy and skills were required to ‘pin’ it to the base by the one foot.  Extensive modifications of the hair and chest shield were also required to make it more screen-accurate.  However the portrait of Reeve was decent for the time and the finished result made it a worthy addition to the collection.


Luthor’s Lift…

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Here you will find some of the very best and most obscure items of Superman Movie Memorabilia from all over the globe, starting with a world first below –

Behind the scenes on the final major gag on Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.  These never-before-published stills depict Director Sidney J. Furie & crew setting up for the shot where Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor is apprehended by air as Christopher Reeve’s Man of Steel boosts his Marquee from below.  This complex stunt was performed on the last stretch of London’s M25 orbital Motorway before being opened, so the production could populate it with American cars.
A crane would hoist both Hackman and co-star Jon Cryer while Reeve would be harnessed beneath to give the impression of lift-off with his bare hands.  While the live-action looks impressive here (even with the visible cables) the shot as edited into the final film would have a distracting strobe effect added in post-production and would last for mere seconds…