Exclusive Euro Photostory..!

Most major Sci-Fi movies of the 70’s and 80’s would be adapted for ‘Photostory’ novelisations – with the strange exception of the Superman series.

Thankfully German publication BRAVO plugged the gap and serialised the movie (in a much larger format than standard novella) over ten issues in 1979.  It will be presented for the first time anywhere in its entirety here..!


“World On The Brink…”

The quest for global box-office domination through promotion – Daniel Goozee’s definitive original painting for the marketing of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace was adapted for overseas markets with wildly varying results (and replaced altogether in France).   Translations of the title would also yield some interesting interpretations of the theme – In Germany ‘The Quest For Peace’ would become ‘World On The Brink’ and ‘The Strongest Enemy’ for the Japanese campaign.

From the top; German poster (‘artist’ unknown) alternative artwork for the French poster (artist unknown) a magazine ad for the Brazillian home video release and the Japanese one-sheet. Despite the customarily glossy marketing the movie would go on to gross $15,681,020 worldwide and would be considered the flop that ended the franchise…



These awesome Japanese Movie flyers or ‘Chirashi’ (measuring approx. 25 1/2 x 18 1/2cm) are notable for their unique compositions, often differing greatly from their western counterparts. They are double-sided and exhibit more images and movie synopses and/or cast information on the rear. This is a rare and very collectable set from all four movies from my collection…


‘Quick Change..!’

Produced in low numbers and expensive (even at the time of release) this incredibly rare, unlicensed statue by sculptor Lee Ames is notable for being the first ‘Garage Kit’ based on the Superman Movies with the likeness of Christopher Reeve (In a pose from Superman II) ever released.

Made by 5th Sense in the early 1990’s and available exclusively through Frontier Models, In typical ‘Garage’ style, the four part kit (Body, leg, hat and base) in ivory resin came in a plain brown box with label featuring colour picture which doubled as a build guide.

The dynamic pose made the statue top-heavy and skills were required to ‘pin’ it to the base by the one foot.  Extensive modifications of the hair and chest shield were also required to make it more screen-accurate.  However the portrait of Reeve was decent for the time and the finished result made it a worthy addition to the collection.