“That’s MY Beat..!”

SUPERMANIA is proud to present the first of what will hopefully be a series of custom projects to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Superman: The Movie in 2018.

A longtime collaboration with Alexei Lambley-Steel has once again yielded an item of superior quality for the discerning SuperFan in the form of a replica necktie as worn by Clark Kent in his first scenes at the Daily Planet.

The ‘City Beat’ has been meticulously recreated from the original costume as originally supplied by Barney’s of New York. Using newly-discovered reference material (Bottom pic) the tie also features a reproduction Bermans & Nathans costume tag with handwritten details (just like the originals!) of the scene number for which it was used (as per the script) and the number from its Limited Edition of 50.

Response to this superb retro accessory has been phenomenal and very few remain in stock. Please email theonlytexaspete@me.com for further info…

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  1. Clark Kent’s iconic necktie is cool, but Clark Kent’s iconic Tortishell eyeglasses are even cooler! Please keep me posted.

    1. Hi Brian –
      Thanks for your comment – the glasses project is ongoing and I can confirm the make and model of the originals has been identified..! Stay tuned for updates…

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