Today would’ve been Christopher Reeve’s 64th birthday.  As is customary here at SUPERMANIA we mark the occasion with a fitting tribute – in this case a rare interview with the man himself taken from the August 1987 issue of Starlog Magazine.

Speaking to Kim Howard Johnson from the set of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace in 1986, Reeve, somewhat poignantly indicated how this film was the most personal of the series.  In fact it would be, both thematically and practically having taken story credit and second unit direction besides the standard dual roles.

All of which Reeve seemed to take in his stride, his experience evident after a decade in the red boots and the creative freedom to express what his Superman should be doing.  Some of these character nuances (such as both identities ultimately being a disguise) were firsts here and continue to resonate in Super-Literature.

Though the film would be a critical and commercial failure, Reeve’s performance was universally praised and remains the one constant in what has now regained life as a cult classic.

Rest in Peace, ‘Toph…


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  1. I was in The studio at Cannon studio’s when they filmed the scene with Superman rescueing Lois after dropping her and of course what you don’t see in the film is that they were both wearing harnesses and filmed in front of a vivid blue backdrop. It was a privilage to have been working at the Studio’s and watching some of these scenes.

  2. Hi Ron –

    Great to hear from you!
    This was a pleasure to read – if you have anything else you can share from your experiences or pics from your time at the studios I’d be happy to put them up here…

  3. This was a wonderful interview. Thank you too Martin and Ron Proffitt. Superman IV for all it’s burps and hiccup’s will remain a big guilty pleasure for many people. At least it certainly is for me.

    Reeve’s performance, although always a highlight, was really on fire in many scenes in the film and his true-blue Superman is particularly refreshing for many today no matter the crafting or tone of the adventure.

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