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By 1987 the traditional bumper advertising manual was steadily being consigned to history.  Indeed, what began as a series of grand ‘Exhibitor Campaign Books‘ concluded with the above basic four-page leaflet.

SUPERMANIA gets back to good old-fashioned vintage ephemera with the fine vintage example reproduced in its entirety above.  For what was a modest campaign thanks to the low-key efforts made by Cannon Films, the poster and still sets made available by the National Screen Service are of immense quality (the UK Quad arguably the best variation of the poster with its bold silver title) and form a vital part of the SUPERMANIA collection.  Enjoy..!


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  1. man i love the UK Quad with the silver crystal font (like the previous movies) made it feel like a true sequel. I often wonder why they used the ‘cartoon’ font for everything else including the opening credits..(rights issue?)

  2. Hi there –
    There were many variations on this poster – probably more than any of the prior films – add to that the video campaign and there’s plenty to choose from.
    I agree 100% the UK quad is one of the best due to the crystal font. I doubt there was a rights issue not using it across the board (it appeared in a trailer too which was amazing) more like a creative choice. I believe the title ‘Quest for Peace’ was added very late in the day also as lots of publicity material lacks it…

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