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Pitched somewhere between the heights of Rona Barretts Hollywood and the depths of The National Enquirer, this special pull-out from obscure US publication Modern People is a perfect example of 1970’s trash journalism.

On the stands from February 11th 1979, this cover story plus four page spread focuses on the seedier aspects of the hit movie of 1978, with (mostly fabricated) tales of the love lives of both leading men casually enforced by paparazzi photographs nestled alongside official press release stills.

SUPERMANIA continues its mission to revive and restore the most obscure vintage ephemera from around the world by adding this great rare find to the archive.  Enjoy!!


2 Replies to “I Score…”

  1. ‘in all 5 Superman movies are planned due to the success of the original’

    funny to think that actually came true (if you count Returns)

  2. btw in the new BvS trailer we see Lex making Doomsday – bit like Lex making Nuclear Man

    I bet Superman IV ends up being better than BvS! lol

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