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Bonjour Superfans – This month’s posts on SUPERMANIA are devoted purely to rare collectables originating from Producer Pierre Spengler’s home country of France, where Superman:The Movie was released as Superman: Le Film. 

Shown above is the bumper French Press book, its 60 pages filled with sharp B&W portraits and biographies of cast and crew under its crisp white cover (top).  Considerably sleeker than the no-frills campaign books produced in the UK, this A4 sized volume profiles everybody from Geoffrey Unsworth to Yvonne Blake.

And found resting under a sheet of tissue inside the back cover were three loose glossy ad blocks in various sizes intended for reproduction in newspapers and magazines.  Featuring art from the US one sheet and UK Quad (third pic) for layout options, its unknown if they formed part of the original press package but compliment the package perfectly…

Coming soon – Le Jigsaws…


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