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With their collective eye set firmly on the upcoming (and potentially very lucrative) 50th anniversary celebrations of The Man of Steel in 1988, Warner Home Video went the extra mile with promotional material including the fold out brochure shown above.

This Super-rare glossy pamphlet was presumably an industry handout for the rental boom of the mid to late 80’s and may well have doubled up as advertising in-store.  Although mostly devoted to the latest cinematic instalment Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, this would also mark the first appearance on tape of the 1950’s TV series ‘The Adventures of Superman’  with the first two volumes containing ‘Best of’ episodes alongside new transfers of the beloved Max Fliescher Superman cartoons…


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  1. As nice as all this was I just wish that they had put the same amount of effort in the film.

  2. Love the way the cleverly word it to make SIV look like a Salkind sized hit! SIV only contributed a tiny fraction of that 800m!

    trying to work it out – we know from Box Office Mojo STM did $134m/domestic/166m foreign = $300m worldwide (about $1b when adjusted today) , but the rest don’t have foreign figures just domestic, SII did 108m domestic so maybe did about 250m ww, SIII did 60m domestic so maybe 150-200m? And SIV only did 15m domestic so maybe did roughly 50m? (if that)

  3. Boy, takes me back to a time when Warner’s actually still cared somewhat about Superman.

    Wish they had made the film with Reeve straight-up after the Salkind’s finished there 3 movies instead of letting Cannon Films buy the temporary motion picture rights. Might have been a Superman 5. What a shame.

    Love the covers though, . . . . great stuff. You don’t really see that kinda interesting promo material anymore.

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