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And signing autographs for Superfans as I type, the lovely Margot Kidder is currently reunited with her co-stars from the Superman Movie series for the ‘Superman – The Richard Donner Years Celebrity Super Reunion’ taking place at Wondercon this weekend.

For those lucky enough to attend, you will be treated to the largest single gathering of Superman stars under one roof ever at a con, always friendly and keen to meet the fans and during Saturdays Q&A panel, the star guests were joined by director Richard Donner in a rare appearance by videolink.

The event was the brainchild of Jim Bowers of, who over a period of months worked diligently to enlist Margot, Jack O’ Halloran, Sarah Douglas, Valerie Perrine, Diane Sherry, Marc McClure, Aaron Smolinski and even producer Ilya Salkind for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of the classic movies.

Be sure to visit in the coming weeks for full coverage of the event including an unmissable video of the Super Panel..!


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