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Celebrating in true British fashion with a slice of cake, a velvet-jacket clad Christopher Reeve cuts into a dessert of Super-proportions to officially open the afterparty for the European Premiere of Superman: The Movie

On this very day (December 13th) in 1978, fresh from a charity screening and an audience with the Royal Family, (headed by Her Majesty The Queen, more to come in future posts!) the cast and producers (bottom pic) finally take a moment to relax and reflect on the culmination of a project they had begun five years previously at an exclusive Supper held at Claridges in London..

Italian TV guide (second & third pic) covered the event by sharing some closely-guarded secrets of how some of the pioneering flying effects were achieved.  As this wizardry was key to the selling of the movie (feature title translates ‘How Superman learned To Fly‘) the producers forbade any footage or stills of the flying scenes creation in advance, prompting painted ‘making of’ illustrations in the article.

SUPERMANIA extends its thanks to Capedwonder.com for the top pic and to Sarah Douglas for the rare pic taken from her Facebook page, (bottom) showing (from left to right) Sarah herself, Ilya Salkind, Christopher Reeve, Susannah York and Pierre Spengler…


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