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Roughly translated from the cover as ‘gift of the first comic of Superman’ this magnificent vintage feature from the pages of ultra-rare Italian TV guide is 34 years old this month and SUPERMANIA’s Christmas treat for 2014.

With (flipped, notice the redone ‘S’ shield) cover art utilizing the fantastic painting used for the International release of Richard Lester’s Superman II the nine-page pictorial combines stills from the new movie with reproductions of the pages of Action Comics #1, highlighting ‘Il giorno In cui Superman arrivo sulla terraSuperman’s arrival on Earth.

SUPERMANIA wishes all its loyal followers the most Super-Christmas and all the best for the new year.  The Adventure Continues in 2015..!!!


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  1. IMO That poster was the best of the II posters. If I ever get the posters for I-IV framed on the wall that’s the one id have for II. Maybe it should’ve been the one sheet for US/UK instead of the Supes flying toward the criminals over sea/city

  2. Hi there –

    I agree completely about the painting – I still don’t know who the artist was (maybe Goozee?) but its still better than the rather uninspired US version (Non’s missing beard always bothered me) and would’ve made the perfect cover for a comic adaptation that never happened…

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