Seacon’79 Pt.2…





More nostalgic snapshots from Seacon’79 courtesy of from the closing ceremony of the Hugo Awards (held this night, August 25th 35 years ago) and the aftermath where Christopher Reeve signs copies of the UK Superman: The Movie colour programme amongst others.

Such was the coup of the UK hosting this event that BBC2 devoted an entire half-hour episode from their series Time Out Of Mind to film proceedings (see it here) with hilariously stilted results.  The organiser’s commendable determination to secure the show and enthusiasm for literature is dampened by the po-faced portrayal of attendees debating the merits of fanzines Intercut with authors appearing weary with mild contempt for fandom.

In the midst of this, articulate as ever, is Chris Reeve (briefly appearing at 8:17), clearly bewildered by the whole experience but gracious enough to acknowledge the passion of fans by stating they could probably ‘draw him a map to Krypton’.

While the current whereabouts of the Hugo statuette is unknown, one suspects it went very nicely on the mantelpiece next to the BAFTA won for ‘Most Promising Newcomer’ the same year…


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