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SUPERMANIA extends its sincere thanks to SuperFan James Sawyer for providing the superb pictures above taken from the recent ‘Superheroes’ exhibit at the Indianapolis Childrens Hospital

Among some of the awesome exhibits on show was this unique special effects portrait figure of Christopher Reeve as Superman not seen since its sale at auction in 2008.  Most of this fantastic creation can be attributed to the legendary Stuart Freeborn, who was responsible for the unmistakable sculpting (the mold for which and other flying figures discussed here) and also presumably Derek Meddings for the mechanical cape flapping device.

At over 30 years old its a wonder this 26″ long puppet and tribute to moviemaking genius has survived in such pristine condition for everyone to enjoy.  Check James fabulous Pop Culture blog Action Features for the full tour featuring other Super-items (the cape being covered here in the next post) and also take a moment to check out James ’89 Bat-Blog brother site to SUPERMANIA here…


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