All ‘New’ Picture Card Series Completed..!





SUPERMANIA is pleased to report that at very long last the art and text for the Superman IV Trading Card set is complete!  Barring last-minute changes, the set is now in the capable hands of Alexei who is currently in the process of selecting the ideal machine and sourcing the most accurate card stock for the era before going to print…

More updates and printed samples to follow..!


7 Replies to “All ‘New’ Picture Card Series Completed..!”

  1. Hi James –
    Thanks for your interest pal –
    We’re at the stage where we are looking into printers to replicate the same finish as the vintage sets but its taking time so you’ll have to bear with us. As I mentioned, all the artwork is done so the wait is frustrating for us too but to just knock them out without this final touch would undermine the work we’ve put in. Soon as we make the breakthrough it will be announced 🙂

  2. First of all a huge thank you for all the hard work you gentlemen have put into this card set. I was wondering if you were able to finish? It sounded like the last pieces to get these completed were going to be difficult. I, like the other people above, would love to own a set. Even if you’re unable to complete them, it would be very rewarding to see what you came up with. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you’ve came up with thus far. Thanks again!

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