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More scarce Japanese imports from the SUPERMANIA collection – highlighting another double dip for Richard Lester’s Superman III.  Though once again beautifully presented  there are some curious artwork inclusions here – notice the stills from Superman: The Movie in the gatefold of the first disc (second pic) and the striking cover for the second (third pic down) utilising a frame of Superman smashing through the shield from the opening of the Superman III teaser trailer.

With a first release by Thorn/EMI seemingly covering all the bases again it seems a mystery why there should be a subsequent one by the Weintraub Corporation.  I know little of Weintraub’s connection with this film, (save for their ugly logo interfering with what otherwise would be a perfectly uniform set on VHS) but it seems they were eschewed for later releases on different formats.  If anybody can clarify Weintraub’s involvement with the Superman series, feel free to leave a comment…

Coming soon, Superman IV


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  1. You’re back! I got a dead link a few days ago. I posted your site on Reddit, and you got 21 up votes, so I was worried the traffic may’ve exceeded your bandwidth. Anyway, sorry I don’t have answers for your questions, but I greatly appreciate your content. The bizarre promo stills used for international home video releases has always amused me.

  2. Hi John –

    Thanks for your comment!
    Apologies for the short-out last week – all fixed now – and cheers for the referral!
    Its my overall aim to bring the most obscure/outstanding collectables to fans of the series and this current run of laserdiscs pretty much exemplifies it so I’m glad you enjoy the content! Much more to come in future…

    1. Hey Martin, as far as I know the Weintraub company took over distribution from Thorn EMI in ’86 for all their back catalogue. I had a Superman Thorn EMI ex rental and a Weintraub Superman III from the Superman VHS box set from 1988. Same goes for Firestarter.

      And yes, they did have an ugly logo.

      Great site by the way. So jealous of your excellent collection!

  3. Welcome Raw!

    Thanks for your comment, another mystery solved 🙂
    Yes indeed, the 1988 set was my first exposure to the Weintraub Company and I’ve still not forgiven them for the mess they made of it, lol…
    So pleased you enjoy the site content – the collection took a long time to build and is still growing…

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