Experiment, Freako…





More from the SUPERMANIA collection of exclusive behind the scenes material, this time on the Elstree Studios set of Luthor’s Lair atop Metropolis Tower.

These never-before-seen pics convey the considerable scale and splendid Art Deco design of Production designer John Graysmark’s set arguably better than what’s seen in the finished picture.  From the top, a candid moment between actors Jon Cryer (Lenny Luthor) and Mark Pillow’s Nuclearman, Gene Hackman awaiting direction with his dance instructor while Sidney J. Furie confers with crew, actors William Hootkins, Stanley Lebor and Jim Broadbent (in his first film role) converse with Hackman & Cryer relaxing between takes, and shooting the face off between Nuclearman and Christopher Reeve’s Superman toward the end of the picture…


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  1. Actually Jim Broadbent appeared in the Terry Gilliam films Brazil and Time Bandits. I don’t recall his film debut, which I am guessing can be found at imdb and Wikipedia.

    1. Hey Robert –

      Thanks for your comment, good to know!
      Both Brazil & Time bandits were around 1985 I think so do indeed predate Superman IV – I wonder in that case if this was his first onscreen speaking part…

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