Shattered Fantasies…

Part two of the feature taken from UK ‘Photoplay’ Magazine with the impressive gallery (for the time) showcasing a rare pic of Margot Kidder from an independent photo shoot, (bottom right) in character as Lois Lane in a Superman sweater.

Margot would do more of these sittings (with increasing degrees of raunchiness) for use in various adult publications.  Her interview   (third pic down) is a curious insight foreshadowing what was to come in later life.  Thankfully in true Lois Lane fashion Margot overcame her demons to be the success she is today…


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  1. Now that you mention it, I was wondering if you have scans of Partner Magazine, the one that featured a really sexy photoshoot of Margot Kidder. Sure, in the 70’s other stars were more beautifull, but there’s something in her look that really shines. Just look at her in the Donner’s cut scenes of the destruction of the fortress.

    1. Hi Alex –

      Thanks for your comments!
      I don’t have that mag you mention yet but I’m sure I know the one you mean – I’d love to scan it for the site. I agree totally Margot was underrated in the attractiveness stakes and shone particularly well in the scene you mention. My favorite photo shoot with her is the one where she’s wrapped in the Superman sheet but her Rolling Stone cover is also great. I have that so I may post it up in future…

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