“Dear John…”

Sold only days ago by the Propstore Of London, the unique item shown above is not your typical example of movie memorabilia, nor is it a hand-me-down from a market-stall trader –

Gifted to ‘John’ for Christmas 1977, this coat is actually one of Christopher Reeve’s on-set casual jackets worn between takes both to cover his Superman costume and offer warmth against freezing nights on the Pinewood lot.

Watch any Superman ‘Making of’ documentary on Blu-ray/DVD to see Chris in a variety of coveralls during his tenure between takes – (pictured bottom is a similar jacket worn during the shooting of Superman II) consisting of coats and more often than not, a bright red dressing gown.

This particular offering is made all the more poignant by the accompanying handwritten letter on Superman production stationary by Reeve himself reading;

“Dear John –

This is by way of a present because

I don’t really know what you need and

I hate to give useless things –

Anyway Merry Christmas and

thank you for being a friend.



With such great provenance the jacket sold within hours of being listed, possibly not on the strength of the item (fine example though it is) but by the story behind it proving that even Superman needs a friend…


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  2. Hi Clark –

    Great to hear from you, thanks for your comments!
    Your link is added to my sidebar and hope you continue to enjoy my posts –

    Best –

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