“Any more at home like you..?”

While I really wish the above were a new figure announcement from Hot Toys, it is in fact a fabulous piece of art illustrating what arguably should’ve been part of an abandoned DX release already.

Courtesy of SuperFan Michael Stribling comes this pitch-perfect manip of the MMS 152 Superman figure into Christopher Reeve’s bespectacled alter-ego in tailored Navy blue 3-piece pinstripe suit, screen accurate tie and horn-rimmed glasses.  Accessories besides those pictured would possibly include briefcase, raincoat, alternate ‘shirt-ripping’ hands, one open hand (with caught bullet), copy of the Daily Planet with ‘Caped Wonder Stuns City‘ headline and best of all, Superman costume tunic under the shirt so the figure can be posed in ‘reveal’ mode.

Take this clear and simple brief, multiply by fan demand and there must be only one question remaining – Why haven’t Hot Toys made this yet…? Lets ask…!!!


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