‘Crafted From 100% Polyamid…’

The Propstore Of London is currently offering a unique opportunity to own one of Christopher Reeve’s ‘flying’ tunics from Superman III.

Though Superman wardrobe rarely comes onto the market without the accompanying thud of an auctioneers hammer, the leotard pictured above will nonetheless set you back 10K plus.

Like all genuine pieces of Movie history, however, this garment tells a story and creates as many mysteries as it solves. Indeed, this is the first instance of the fabric being publicly identified as ‘Polyamid’ which, though significant, may as well originate on the Planet Krypton for hope of finding more of its particular weave. Also note the curious lack of the red shorts (in most tunics the top & shorts were one piece), presumably to add layers in an effort to hide the flying harness and the position of the ‘slits’ themselves. This, along with the costumier/studio labelling throughout (and even makeup residue) lends great providence to this investment.

Propstore has a sterling reputation among collectors and in a market infiltrated by copies, its good to know there are still genuine examples out there creating a stir among the fanbase and keeping the legacy alive…


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