Marvel, if you will, at the supreme talents of one Richard Martin, UK-based Special Effects Make-Up artist, Sculptor, painter and indeed, SuperFan.  Pictured above are two of his sole creations, 1:1 silicone figures of Christopher Reeve as Superman and a bust of Terrance Stamp as General Zod.  Those lucky enough to attend the Memorabilia 2011 show at the NEC Birmingham will surely testify to the frightening realism of these pieces in the flesh among other exhibits in the first ever prop party sanctioned by the RPF.

Chances are you’ve seen some of Rich’s work already on screen and not even known it.  With a portfolio containing significant contributions to everything from the last series of Dr. Who to Lady Ga-Ga Music videos, go to his site for an impressive showcase of his work.

With the credentials shown above I was compelled to contact Rich myself to assist with my own Superman 1:1 project last year and to my surprise he accepted – taking on the difficult task of inserting prosthetic eyes into my bust, mounting it onto the mannequin and finally giving it a realistic paintjob of incredible quality.  The result will be shown in a future post but for right now I want to thank Rich for being such a consummate professional and a real gent – he literally came to my rescue…

From the top, pics and video taken from the RPF booth by me (please excuse my Zod impression, I got excited:) of Rich Martin’s Superman projects (both now in the hands of private collectors)


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